Friday, September 23, 2005

Masahiro Motoki aka The Happy Prince

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Bought a new Jap drama vcd (not sure if that's the latest vcd) this noon by Masahiro Motoki by the title of The Happy Prince.. Just watched the 1st espisode, quite a strange story though.
The story is about Shuhei (Masahiro Motoki), is neither a statue nor a prince. Unless, of course, you consider the scion to a wealthy family that owns a large hospital a kind of prince. Shuhei doesn't, though explaining this would give away the story, which is told in flashbacks. In the opening episode Shuhei, with white hair, a large scar on his neck, and speech patterns more appropriate for an 8-year-old, walks into the office of a loan shark and shoots everyone dead. He then walks out and is himself shot by policemen. He is brought to a hospital where he remains in a coma while a teenage girl named Mayu, who requires a heart transplant, is given good news by her doctor, a young man named Ryosuke. Ryosuke was once Shuhei's best friend, he starts telling Mayu, Shuhei's tale, about how he wanted to study music and marry a young cellist named Umi (Miho Kanno), but that his family insisted he become a doctor and take over the family business. They even found a different bride for him. (sound like a boring show)
Actually I am fanatic over J-drama but definitely not a fan over K-drama coz most aunties love to watch including my mum... The story is always so pai mia, cry non-stop & the 1 thing I can't stand is the story is so draggy.. Just can't stand it (haha)..
Aiyah stop talking abt K-drama lah, let's come back to J-drama. My all time fav actor for J-drama will be Kimura Takuyu from SMAP, since sec sch time I love watching his show... Currently at Channel U on mon & tues at 7.30pm they are featuring "Pride" by Takuyu, this is a beautiful story tat I recommend everyone to watch it although don't know what's the reason that they have to censor certain parts of the show...*so disappointed* But there's one thing I look forward to which is the drama's song by Queen - I was born to love you is such a beautiful song...



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