Sunday, November 20, 2005


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Watched Divergence this afternoon & is about Suen (Aaron Kwok), a rundown cop who once upon a time was host of a cop radio show.

Those were fine days for Suen since he had a loving girlfriend named Fong (Angelica Lee) but she's been missing for ten years, which is the cause of Suen's beaten-up status and the object of his constant obsession. While extraditing a portly accountant from Canada, the guy gets capped while chained to Suen. The killer is Coke (Daniel Wu) an oddly honorable assassin who takes greater interest in Suen than he should. Meanwhile, the fat accountant's death is a relief for a corrupt businessman (Gallen Lo), whose money laundering operation and a fat wad of cash has been frozen by the cops, which obviously makes some shadowy bad guys unhappy.
Suen's zeal for justice or his obsessive, manic personality put him on the case almost immediately. Enter To (Ekin Cheng), a barrister who works for the corrupt businessman, and basically makes a living protecting bad people from the law. To and Suen immediately face off, but sparks do not fly, because To is so stoic that he may not even have a pulse.
Apparently, there's something going on with To, but Suen can't put his finger on it. He's too busy chasing Coke, and just trying to understand what the hell is going on. Coke has his own issues with his handler Ting (Ning Jing), who sleeps with him and could be hiding secrets of her own. To top it all off, there's a string of mysterious piano-wire killings going on, the corrupt businessman's popstar son goes missing, and Suen has just stumbled upon Fong after ten years of searching. Or has he?
Suen is consumed by his past, and his drive to do his job exists solely because he obsesses over his missing girlfriend. To feels guilt-ridden and anguished over helping bad guys, but hides his feelings beneath an impenetrable mask and Coke is a flamboyant killer who takes chances, but muses about how he could have been a damn fine cop too. He's probably the most in tune with his issues, but not so much that he'll avoid stuff that he shouldn't be involved in.



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