Sunday, December 11, 2005

郭富城 Mega Hits Live in Concert 2004

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Went to the VCD shop hoping to get Aaron's 2005 live in concert but was out of stock, am so disappointed but in the end bought his live concert 2004 in Hongkong. Aaron is really the king of dance, always smitten by him when he dance & the first song in his concert is 對你愛不完 which was the biggest hit in the early 90s & also made him famous in Hong Kong and earned him the title as one of the 四大天王.
I once went to his live concert in S'pore when I was in secondary school. I bought the front seat which was about $100++ & can imagined I saved so hard for that. My biggest dream is to watch his live concert in Hongkong but why every year I go Hongkong for holiday cum shopping, Aaron doesn't hold his concert. Damn it!
Haiz! Dun know when this will come true, so no matter what, I will hunt down his 2005concert...

I don't care!I don't care!I don't care!
I must have a copy of his dvd concert 2005!


sesame said...

Hahaha...Aaron Kwok's die-hard fan! He's actually looking quite cool these days...I used to dislike him, but now I don't mind him.

♣Ashes♣ on December 12, 2005 2:50 PM said...

Yup! Me Aaron's die die-hard fan okie. keke..


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