Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jewel in the Palace

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For someone who hates to watch korean drama coz of the draggy serials & most of the time, the lead actor or actress cry non-stop which I really cannot TAHAN. Can you believe that I bought 대장금 [大 长 今] & watched this korean drama... *roll eyes*

Eh, let me explain why I bought & watched this drama. It's all because of Ji Jin Hee 지 진 희 (闵政浩大人) OMG, he is so handsome & charming with that moustache. Erm... ... ... Actually never like guys with moustache but for him is different, he really looks charming with all those bushy hair on this face... Wahaha...

Brief synopsis:

Chang Jin (Lee Young-ae) is the daughter of Seo Cheon-su (Park Chan-hwan).
A former judicial officer-turned butcher (lowest social class) who lives in hiding after being expelled from the royal palace and Madame Park (Kim Hye-seon), a former court lady working in the royal kitchen who narrowly escaped death following a murderous conspiracy planned by Court Lady Choi.

As a young child, Chang Jin loses both parents and enters the royal palace in the kitchen.
In the royal kitchen, she spends a harsh childhood in continuous competition with Jinying.

Under the protection and tutelage of Court Lady Han, Chang Jin makes every effort to become the best cook in the palace. Her endeavors enable her to become a recognized cook; but Lady Cui and her faction, jealous of the success of Lady Han and Chang Jin, plot a conspiracy, which leads to the death of Lady Han and Chang Jin’s expulsion from the royal palace.

Chang Jin is relegated to the position of maidservant for the local government office on Jeju-do Island. While in exile, Chang Jin learns medicine. Through native intelligence and patient efforts, she earns her reputation as a woman doctor on the island.

She returns to the palace, where she is recognized by the king and becomes the royal physician and also the first female physician in history to serve the king. The king falls in love with her, but she cannot return his love, as she is already in love with Min Zheng Hao, who has stood by her side during the most difficult times.

A very touching story indeed... ... ...


sesame on May 13, 2006 2:24 PM said...

Wow lau...I thought which drama. Haha...but I think this is worth watching. I saw one episode and I was hooked. The food is impressive. However, haven't a chance to watch this yet. Maybe later.

Now I'm hooked on the Chinese dramas. Last time I told you about Pink Ladies. Now I'm watching Swinging Lady. Cannot get enough. But I cannot find this drama in the stores...maybe can get only in China or online.

♣Ashes♣ on May 13, 2006 8:05 PM said...

Eh, I dun like korean drama mah. But this is really a gd drama tat if you have the time you muz watch lor.

This swinging lady drama is from which country?

sesame said...

It's a China production with cast from China and Hong Kong. (Ye Tong, Zheng Zhiwei, Wangxi and of course my Hu Bing!) Based on the same author as the show "Pink Ladies" which was shown sometime ago on Channel U.

♣Ashes♣ on May 15, 2006 8:02 PM said...

I didn't manage to watch the pink ladies leh. But if channel u or 8 start to show this swinging lady, I will watch it. ;D


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