Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Miss Kim Makes 1 Million

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Just watched, another drama by Min Zheng Hao 大人 Ji Jin Hee, Miss Kim Makes 1 million. This is a super hilarious drama that I recommend to those of you who dun like soapy korean drama. The lead actress Kim Hyun Ju, find her acting not bad & she looks abit like our local actress Zoe Tay.Synopsis:
On the day of Eun-jae’s (
Kim Hyun Ju) wedding, the groom, Young-hun(Park Gun Hyung), fails to turn up and the delivery man hands her a letter from him saying “sorry.”
The photographer, Moo-yeol (Ji Jin Hee), takes Eun-jae by the arm as she stands panicking in front of countless guests and runs out of the hall. Unable to bring herself to admit the annulment of her wedding, Eun-jae pleads Moo-yeol to play the role of her husband at the housewarming party, and Moo-yeol does a splendid job.

Meanwhile, Eun-jae finds out that the reason for the break-up of her wedding was because of her poor financial situation. Young-hun had gravely worried about reality issues if he were to marry Eun-jae and Seo Wu-gyung had suggested just on time full financial support if he drops the wedding with Eun-jae. Eun-jae makes up her mind to make money, thinking that she’d be able to get Young-hun back if she becomes rich.
In the meantime, Moo Yeol’s father, who was in the sanitation facility business, goes bankrupt. When the beachside house that holds many cherished memories of his family is in danger of being seized by creditors, Moo Yeol vows to make money. However, Seo Wu Gyung plans to buy the beach house to build a research center for Young Hun and attempts to stop Moo Yeol from paying off the creditors. Thus, Eun Jae and Moo Yeol decide to join forces. They invest every cent in their possession to begin an “online flower delivery” service. But who said making money was easy? Their prospects become increasingly gloomy but on top of that, Seo Wu Gyung begins to interfere when she finds out that Moo Yeol and Eun Jae are in it together. To make matters worse, Eun Jae and Moo Yeol’s different backgrounds and values about money cause internal conflicts between them, not to mention people around them that seem to be allies at times but enemies at others.

Though, the "online flower delivery" biz failed, they did not give up & open a stall that sells sweety fruits. But the stall was once again destroyed by Seo Wu Gyung & resulted them heavily in debts.
Will Eun-jae and Moo-yeol’s quest to make a million dollars ever succeed? Yes, they did! :)



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