Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pissed... ... ...

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Under normal circumstances, I won’t go to the extent to defence Rain by putting up an entry to rebuke those people who made silly & ridiculous remarks on him.
But this time round, I can’t endure ANYMORE especially after reading the reviews of Rain's concert in Digital Life, that made me

I’m not going to 手下留情 with how I felt with this person's senseless remarks on Rain's concert in Singapore.
He wrote:

"In fact too well that everything looked like a darn expensive strip tease performance."
EXCUSE ME, do you understand what's the meaning of striptease performance???
Striptease performance means entertainment in which a performer gradually undresses till TOTALLY NAKED.
And, may I ask again, did Rain strip in his concert?
He ONLY removed his shirt at one point when he was singing the song 'Nan'.
He didn't strip till naked so how can you made such ridiculous & groundless remarks.
Knock… Knock... Knock...
I'm going to KNOCK some sense out of this person's bloodly, brainless & senseless asshead... Hahahahahahahaha...

Oh yah! Rachael’s entry on Rain’s concert was also picked & published on this week's issue, so happy for her…keke… ;)


sesame on February 03, 2007 12:30 PM said...

Wah, I never read the review. A bit busy...later I go check. All these reporters hor, knn, like they can do any better. Blardy hell. I tell you, most probably their faces look like shit one! Cannot appreciate what is tasteful art. Strip off shirt also cannot take it. Wah lau eh. The writer male or female. Male must be jealous. Female must be pervert. hahaha...

♣Ashes♣ on February 03, 2007 8:44 PM said...

The remarks are taken from a person's blog by the reporter & I believe this person is a guy.
Guess what??? This person delete his blog so you wun be able to find it.
I beg he is one timid little maggot. =P
Anyway, the local media dun seem to like Rain coz of his attitude at the press conference before his concert.
But, who cares or give a damn if they like Rain or not as long as I like can already...


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