Sunday, April 15, 2007


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웨딩(Wedding), a drama highly recommended by my 2 colleagues.
But after watching, personally I don't really like the whole story plot, it's too draggy when it comes to the 2 couples' relationship.
Want to love, cannot love. Can love, don't want to love.
Felt super annoyed when watching these sort of scenes.
If you love someone just 敢敢去爱. Don't waste time.
Although this drama is not that fantastic but I like the OST but can't find it in the cd shop. :(
Lee Se-Na (Jang Nara) is the only daughter from a wealthy background.
Because of her pampered upbringing, she believes that she can get anything she wants if she sets her heart to it. She meets Han Seung-Woo (Ryu Shi Won
), a self-made diplomat.
Seung-Woo is not-so-secretly in love with his childhood friend Yoon-su, currently in Japan with her fiance, Seung-Woo's colleague Jin-Hui.
Se-na instantly falls in love with Seung-Woo, who asks her what she thinks the meaning of marriage is. In their subsequent marriage, their values are questioned as Se-na's complete trust in Seung-Woo shatters with the realization of Yoon-su's and Seung-Woo's relationship, and Seung-Woo's happiness in marriage shatters with Se-na's deepening mistrust and her own relationship with Jin-Hui.



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