Saturday, June 30, 2007

한국 저녁식사

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Completed Elementary Korean (Stage 2) on 15 June 2007.
Intermediate Korean (Stage 1) will commence on 29 June 2007 but before the class start, went for another round of Korean cuisine with my korean classmate & teacher.
This is something dear 'seon say nim' will arrange after finishing every one course.This time round, we tried different type of dishes at Hansang Korean Family Restaurant which is located at Square 2 (Novena). The dinner was 맛있은 (ma she da) but still prefer the food from Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ which we went previously.
Let's see what nice food we had last Friday! ;)
This is where the meat are cook.
Charcoal & gas are being used at the same time.
This is to suck the smoke up so that you won't stink at the end of the dinner. ;)
Sticky rice with carrot, sweet potato & tapioca
Can't remember the name of this dish but 'Seon Say Nim
said this is an imperial dish. The taste is great!
Kimchi Pancake
This is delicious, I love Korean pancakes! ;)
Pork belly BBQ
This is in fact our main dish coz 'Seon Say Nim' said we had tried beef & chicken previously.
For those of you who don't eat pork will have to skip this! ;)

Spicy Chicken BBQ



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