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Love Supplement

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サプリ(Suppli/Sapuri) (which means supplement in Japanese), a story that happen in Tokyo, 2006.
Another 'shigoyi' Jdorama from Kamenashi Kazuya (亀梨和也).
I think I'm beginning to 'fall in love' with this young man! ;)
I am already in the progress of collecting all the dramas that has Kazuya in it & most prob I might start a new blog on him. Hiak! Hiak! Hiak!
The opening theme song 'You' is another great song from Kat-tun!!!

The sub-theme song 'Blue Days' by Ayaka is yet another great song!
Enjoy this clip!

Minami Fuji (Itoh Misaki) is riding a train along Tokyo Bay. Weary from a day's work, she falls asleep while on the train. Her nap time is obstructed by the sound of somebody's cell phone ringing. She opens her eyes to see the phone lying unattended on a nearby seat. Reluctantly, she answers the phone. It's a man claiming to have dropped his phone. He wants Minami to deliver it to him before his job interview begins. However, since Minami too has a meeting she must attend, she takes the phone to the lost and found department of a nearby station.
On her way to work, Minami spots an old commercial being shown on a big-screen TV. She immediately takes a picture of it with her camera. That is when she realizes that someone else is also absorbed in the commercial. It's Yuya Ishida (Kamenashi Kazuya), the young man who called to have his cell phone delivered. Kyotaro Imaoka, creative director of an advertisement agency, is having a meeting at an insurance company with Kunio Sakuragi and Satoshi Hagiwara. Minami soon joins the meeting. They have come to give a presentation for the new TV commercial for their company.

Meanwhile, Yuya has arrived at the place where he will have his interview. He is immediately given a tour of the office as well as a lecture on commercial planning. He has no idea that Minami has returned to the office and is having a meeting with Kyotaro and the others. Later on, Yuya delivers mail to Minami. At first, she doesn't even look up at him. But when she does, it only takes 15 seconds(the same length as a television commercial) for Minami to realize that she had ran into Yuya while watching the commercial on the big-screen TV, and it was also his cell phone that she picked up on the train.

My Rating : 8/10
Should you watch this? Definitely a Yes!


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