Friday, March 06, 2009

Extension episode for Boys Before Flowers?

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Extension looking likely for Boys Before Flowers.

A week after deciding against extending the series, now KBS is tentatively announcing plans to extend Boys Before Flowers by an episode, which means the drama would end on Tuesday, March 31, with Episode 25.

They had originally intended to end on the 30th and air a special on the 31st. If the extension falls through (they say they are "in serious steps" to rework the contract to include Episode 25), the special episode will be Plan B.

Don't expect much story addition, though. One sources says that they may merely "draw out" parts that have been filmed to fill out a 25th hour rather than add new story, which (1) may not be a bad thing, since the plot often moves so fast there’s no room to breathe, but (2) on the other hand, may make for a slow finale, as in the case of Coffee Prince.

Source: Osen & Star Moneytoday
English Translation Credit: Dramabeans



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