Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Guerrilla Date with Kim Hyun Joong

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Finally, some kind soul uploaded 'The Guerrilla Date with Kim Hyun Joong'. We can see that there's a massive crowd following the crew. The interviewer asked a lady fan if she likes Kim Hyun Joong or her boyfriend (who was standing at the side) and she chooses Kim Hyun Joong.

*If I am the girl, I would pick KHJ too. *Wink**Wink*

Kim Hyun Joong honestly says he didn't go to school during his school years but gives word of advice to other youths that he is a case of winning the lotto that tens of thousands try his path and fail. He thinks the more practical thing to do is go to college. He sweetly says his mom used to sigh when she thought of him (during his teen years) but now is just concerned for him as he is exhausted from work and his sweet response was: "it's a good time to be exhausted, mom".

He said, people now shout out 'Jihoo' more than his real name 'Hyun Joong' from the crowd and seems that his own name feels foreign now. His dream is to hold a free concert for 10 million people. He is still learning to act so he doesn't know how to fake things. In one of the scene, in 'Boys Before Flower' where he is frustrated because he can't drive and have to hit the wheeldrive. He hit it so hard he caused damage of 2,000,000 won.

For future projects, he humbly states he's not in position to be the one dictating so if someone has a good project please submit it to his management company.

To end the interview, KHJ sang 'Because, I'm stupid'.

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