Saturday, May 02, 2009

Aaron Kwok’s De Show Reel Concert 2009

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Was watching "Aaron Kwok’s De Show Reel Hong Kong Concert (DVD)" last night so today's topic will be on Aaron Kwok (郭福成), the very first 'important' man of my life. =P Although, my current 'love' is Rain. Oh!!! Let's not forget about Hyunnie too. Hehe. I have been a 'BIG' fan of Aaron since he debuted in 1990 with his ever famous hit, "對你愛不完" (Loving you forever).

Check out this clip which I found in youtube when Aaron perform "對你愛不完" in Singpapore.
Oh my goodness!!! I was only 12 years old then...

Aaron Kwok’s De Show Reel Concert 2009 in Singapore will be held on 30 May 2009 at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Not sure if I am going for the concert although it was recognized by the Guinness World Record Committee in February 2008 for the largest revolving indoor stage but the price of the ticket is also very pricey too. Anyone out there 'volunteer' to pay for Aaron's concert ticket for me?!? Fat hope, I guess??? Hehe... Hope, I will strike '4D' tonight & I will have extra cash to go for Aaron's concert in Singapore. Hehe... Praying... Praying... Praying hard... ;)

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