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Likeable or Not

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I Hate You, But It's Fine (미우나 고우나) is a kdrama about love, family, and the realism of people’s dreams! Nice Kdrama but slighty draggy as the total episodes was 172. Like the way, Ki Ji Suk & Han Ji Hye acted as a cute couple, especially when they got married. ;)

Na Dan Pung (Han Ji Hye [한지혜]) is a company marketing team leader. She is smart and hardworking and ascended to her position at a young age, but her professional demeanor is disturbed by Baek Ho's rookie mistakes. Kang Baek Ho (Kim Ji Suk [김지석]), the only child of a widowed Dongji, he drives a taxi and gambles at the beginning of the series. Although a bit of a good for nothing fellow, he is very kind-hearted and sweet. After his mother marries Mr Bong Man Su, the president of a large food product company called Bonjour Foods, Baek Ho gets a job in the marketing department.

Baek Ho falls in love with Dan Pung, but is afraid to tell her because Dan Pung is dating his high school classmate, Hyun-woo, a doctor from a wealthy family. But Hyun-woo is also inconsiderate of Dan Pung's feelings & dumps him. Sometime after, Dan Pung realizes she loves Baek Ho.

Baek Ho and Dan Pung want to get married, but must first endure the fierce opposition of her mother and brother by sending her to The States' branch office. Dan Pung's mother eventually relents after Dan Pung protests by starving herself.

Once married, they are a very happy couple. About two years after their wedding, Dan Pung becomes pregnant.

Never did I expect that Baek Ho is in fact Bong Man Su's biological son. Anyway, the possibility is there because when Man Su and Dong Ji (Baek Ho's mother) were so in love when they were young, but were forced to break up because Mansu's mother opposed the marriage.

Catch this heart-warming kdrama which I highly recommend. ;)

My Rating : 9/10

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