Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Billie Jean, Look at Me

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Billie Jean, Look at Me (빌리진 날 봐요), a romantic comedy starring Park Hee Bon (박희본) and Lee Ji Hoon(이지훈). Yoo Bang Hee's (Park Hee Bon) Prince Charming is teen idol Choi Hye Sung (Lee Ji Hoon) not exactly the most approachable person. Turning her one-sided love into near stalking, Bang Hee ends up ruining Hye Sung's young career by revealing information she shouldn't have to the public.
Eight years pass by, and Hye Sung is still suffering from that failure, roaming the streets aimlessly when a familiar face suddenly appears. Bang Hee, now an assistant writer for a Star Making Project, promises she'll make up for all her mistakes by making Hye Sung a star.

Find this kdrama so-so but the song 'It's Just that' in this OST by Super Junior is nice though. ;)

My Rating : 6.5/10

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