Friday, July 31, 2009

Dal Ja's Spring

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I am not a big fan of Lee Min Ki but after 'I really really like you', 'Dal Ja's Spring (달자의 봄)' was the next Kdrama I watched by him again. This drama is sweet, romantic & heartwarming story which I highly recommend. ;)

Oh Dal-Ja (Chae-Rim) is about to turn 33 and despite her success as managing director at a home-shopping channel, she is inexperienced with men and love, and holds a secret crush on a co-worker, the flirtatious Shin Se-Do (Kong Hyeong-Jin).

When Se-Do notices her one day, Dal-Ja believes she has fallen in a dreamy love affair, but ends up being hurt by him. Dal-Ja meets the 26-year-old Kang Tae-Bong (Lee Min-Ki), who freelances as a fake boyfriend to women who are in need of such services, and hires him to seek revenge.
However, she soon encounters difficult situations with both men, and as if that is not enough to stress out this love novice, a new man enters her life. Just as Eom Ki-Joong (Lee Hyeon-Woo) starts to feel like the real prince from her fantasy, Dal-Ja is challenged by more outrageous events that force her filter out what she wants, something that has always been bewildering for her.

Meanwhile, as Dal-Ja tries to find love in her personal life, things are starting to suffer at work, especially once she faces off with show host Wi Seon-Ju (Lee Hye-Yeong), who comes off as a prima donna.

My Rating : 8.5/10

Source: Dramawiki
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