Saturday, August 29, 2009

Golden Era of Daughter-in-Law

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Golden Era of Daughter-in-Law (며느리 전성시대), a funny and heartwarming drama which portrays the eventful life of an extended family. A stubborn grandma, a bluffing father, a mother with long-harbored ulterior motives concealed behind her ostensible obedience, a son who has been spoiled by his mother as the only child in the family, and a daughter-in-law who makes a hasty decision to get married. The drama will revolve around the life of a new generation daughter-in-law.
Jo Mi Jin (Lee So Kyung 이수경) is a new employee of an apparel company who later then becomes the daughter-in-law of a family running a pork hock restaurant with a 60 year old tradition. Lee Bok Soo (Kim Ji Hoon 김지훈), the eldest son of the family, is a planning director at the company Mi Jin works at.Things get complicated when Mi Jin's older brother, In Woo, falls for Bok Soo's younger sister, Bok Nam, and they decide to get married.

This is a nice kdrama to catch & Lee So Kyung (이수경) was really funny and makes me laugh on the way she handles her mother-in-laws. Keke... What's the morale of the story??? Try not to stay with your in-laws if you plan to get married. *Wink*Wink*

My Rating : 7.5/10

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