Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tae Yang to release digital single 'Where U At' coming October

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Big Bang Tae Yang will be releasing his 2nd solo album this autumn.

Yang Hyun Seok left a message on YG Entertainment official homepage on 24th September saying, "Mid-October, Tae Yang will be releasing a digital album and MV to comeback title 'Where U At'.:

But the date for Tae Yang's full length 2nd album release has yet been confirmed.

According to YG, Tae Yang will be promoting for a longer period of time as compared to his 1st solo album activities. YG also revealed that they will take on a multi-angle approach to Tae Yang's promotions this time round.

He added, "The filming for Tae Yang's 'Where U At' MV will take place this weekend (3rd week of September), together with director Seo Hyun Seung."

Ashes: I am soOoOo looking forward to Tae Yang's 2nd album coz I really enjoyed all the songs in his 1st album, "Hot".

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