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Yoon Kye-Sang at Executioners press conference

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October 6 saw the production press conference for Executioners [집행자], the new film starring Yoon Kye-sang and Jo Jae-hyun as prison guards on death row.

In the film, Yoon Kye-sang plays the role of a new guard who decides to take the job to earn some extra money, but is confronted with the unexpected emotional weight of killing a man for the first time in his life. As you may know, Yoon got his start in the industry as an idol star of the pop/R&B group G.O.D., and is one example of an idol star who has made a successful leap into acting. He addressed the topic of singers turning to acting at the press conference, saying that because of the baggage that comes with attempting a crossover, they end up working even harder.
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He had some words of advice for his hoobaes making the jump, saying, "Don't be arrogant, you must learn a lot." He gave the advice that being on set as much as possible was the most important thing: "Training in the basics of acting is also important, but you must learn by watching senior actors acting on the film set. When I watch [co-stars] Jo Jae-hyun sunbae or Park In-hwan sunbae acting, I am still shocked in admiration. I hope [idols-turned-actors] will not take it lightly, learn diligently, and do well."

When asked about always picking serious and/or unusual movie roles (Beastie Boys, Six Years in Love), Yoon answered, "I didn't pick heavy movies because I specifically wanted to change my idol image. The first movie I did was Flying Boys, where I learned acting and focused on movies with a similar tone, which is how I ended up doing heavy movies. I think the most important thing is authenticity in acting. Acting is a job where I can only touch others if something true comes from within me."

He added with a laugh, "I've never given up on commercial projects. I've done a lot of dramas too, but it's just that they haven’t done well. I'd like to have popularity, too. I do miss the popularity from my idol star days, but I'm throwing myself into learning right now... I like films that stick with me after I'm done acting."

Jo Jae-hyun also spoke about taking on the role of a cool-headed prison guard, who has to confront the issue of whether executing criminals is a mere matter of following the law, and where the value of human life intersects with his job. Thinking of past cases of violent crimes, Jo said that he personally wouldn’t be able to forgive brutal criminals: "I talked with real prison guards, and found that prisoners don't all reflect on their crimes and turn over new leaves while incarcerated, but they live comfortably... I have no thoughts of opposing the abolition of capital punishment, but I think some aspects of the system must be rethought."

Meanwhile, Cha Soo-yeon plays the girlfriend to Yoon Kye-sang's character. The "humorous, poignant" Executioners releases on November 5.

Source:Osen, Star News
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