Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Seo Ji Suk dreamt of being a sprinter in high school?

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You'd think that a handsome guy like actor Suh Ji Suk would've always dreamed of being in the entertainment industry. However, Suh revealed on this week's episode of Strong Heart that he had previously dreamed of being a sprinter and shared the painful tale of why he had to give up his dream.

He said, "When I was in high school, I won over 10 medals from national competitions for sprinting. I was a promising professional athlete. But one day, I got into an unexpected accident and all my dreams that I'd had for the future were shattered in one moment."

He continued, "I was lucky to be alive and the doctors at the hospital told me that it was possible for me to paralyzed from the waist-up, and that I should prepare myself emotionally. I eventually recovered, but needless to say, I was forced to give up my dream."

What a heart-wrenching tale. It's so saddening to hear that he had to give up his initial dream. But I wonder, how did he come to be an actor after this traumatic incident? Be sure to tune in to Strong Heart and find out!

Ashes: Oh! Seo Ji Suk is back, anticipating for his new drama. ;)

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