Friday, December 25, 2009

Hunter ends prematurely

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After barely a month since debuting in December, one of Sunday Sunday Night's new program offerings, Hunter will be replaced by another instead.

Hunter had made it's debut on 6th December alongside other new programs for MBC's Sunday Sunday Night in a major revamp. The program saw the hosts including the likes of Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yong Hwa among others catching and chasing wild boars who destroyed crops and injured villagers.

But the production team had been swamped with violent objections from the start from animal rights groups who felt that they were violating animal rights by hunting down wild boars for the sake of a program and ratings. Although the hosts reiterated their point in the 2nd episode that they were only chasing wild boars away, not killing them, the damage had been done with ratings dropping sharply by the 3rd episode.

In response, MBC will end the program by mid-January 2010 and replace it with another that focuses on global warming. The original MCs from Hunter will remain, although Kim Hyun Joong will drop out since he was only on a guest MC contract.

Ashes: So disappointing, I won't get to see both Kim Hyun Joong & Jung Yong Hwa together. =(

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