Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jung Yong Hwa constantly received invitations for dramas and variety shows

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20 years old Jung Yong Hwa received 3 invitation calls at the same time. This was because Jung Yong Hwa captured the hearts of many female fans in the recent broadcast Korean TV drama 'You're Beautiful' where he acted as a gentle smiling angel, Kang Shin Woo.
He was also selected as the new host in the new series of 'Sunday Sunday Night'. Comparing to the three years effort to prepare the band which their album will be released in January next year, Jung Yong Hwa expressed: "I feel good in Year 2009."

With the height of 180cm, Kang Shin Woo showed concern and took care of Go Mi Nam (who disguised herself as a man and joined in the band). He was just like an guardian angel. Because of one towel and one glass of milk, he was given the nickname as 'Towel Guy' and 'Milk Guy'.

Jung Yong Hwa said: "Actually I do alot of research and studies after watching Hyeong Kim Hyun Joong (Brother Kim Hyun Joong) in 'Boys Before Flowers'. The writers told me not to be too mushy and corrected me alot. It's a band's story, therefore it's good that I know how to play the guitar."

Jung Yong Hwa was very fond of music when he was in high school. At the same time, they found a planning agency. 4 twenty-years old boys form the band name 'CN Blue'. They held promotional activities in Japan before their album debut. Their company mentioned that they have to taste some bitterness (take the hardships) if they want to make music. According to their company instructions, CN Blue began their street performances in Tokyo in May this year.

"Obviously we do not know how to speak Japanese, we ever been arrested by the police when we performed on the streets. Recently the band's popularity increased because of the drama. Right now we have been invited to the Rock Music Festival." said Jung Yong Hwa.

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