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Ha-ni and Seung-jo from 'Mischievous Kiss', finally get married after a long, long heart aching period

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On the 15th episode of 'Mischievous Kiss' was mainly about the wedding between Seung-jo (Kim Hyun-joong) and Ha-ni (Jeong So-min).

On 14th episode, Seung-jo kissed and proposed Ha-ni. He sweared that he will marry her after his graduation but their wedding date was quickly set by Seung-jo's mother (Jeong Hye-yeong).

Seung-jo shows a dissatisfied attitude all wedding preparation long, and even fights with Ha-ni.
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At the wedding date, Ha-ni smiles with happiness while celebrating with her friends. But she gets more and more nervous as the time comes. At that moment, Eun-jo comes and tells a secret to Ha-ni, which reveals a secret of the 'pension kiss'.

With Eun-jo's secret, Ha-ni realizes that Seung-jo has loved her for a long time. Then, she gives a sudden kiss to Seung-jo in the middle of their wedding.

At the end of this episode, Seung-jo's requests 'Let's legalize our marriage after you get into the nurse school', which will increase people's expectations for next episode.

Ashes: Oh! I just can't 'stand' both Seung Jo & Ha Ni. They are so cute & lovely together. Glad that the story turns out this way... keke...

Source: Nate News (Korean)
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