Sunday, May 28, 2006


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Another korean drama I watched & highly recommend, Sweet 18 or little bride. This drama is currently showing at Channel U on monday & tuesday at 7pm.
Jia lat lah, am I turning into aunty?

What I really loved about this drama that set it apart from traditional comedies is the overlapping themes that demonstrate the strength of culture, family, and love.
Each scene served a purpose and for this reason, the drama never appears draggy. Some of the scenes were of course, a bit overdone and cheesy, but overall, it only adds to the charm of the drama.
The drama begins with Hyuk Joon(Lee Dong Gun)'s grandfather, the patriarch of the respectable and very traditional Kwon household, agreeing to a pre-arranged marriage between his at-the-time 10 year old grandson and the new-born granddaughter of his best friend, Jung Sook(Han Ji Hye)'s grandfather. However, the family of Jung Sook's grandfather soon runs into debt and in the middle of the night, they quietly leave the Kwon household so as not to bring shame upon them.


sesame said...

Wau lau, you really into kdrama now? Hehe...This one was shown on TV recently right? Nice ah?

I now crazy about China dramas. Eh, very good leh...their story lines and the dialogues! Anyway, the one I'm watching now on TVBS Asia is Feels Like I'm Falling In Love. Good neh...

♣Ashes♣ on May 29, 2006 7:34 PM said...

Not really into kdrama just tat this show is super hilarious & funny. Not like those normal kdrama tat cry non-stop & super draggy.
This show is nice & currently channel u is showing.
I didn't subscribe cable leh so no chance to watch this drama you mentioned.


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