Sunday, July 23, 2006

Princess Lulu

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Woke up on friday morning, having high fever & whole body aching.
Went to the doc & was told that I was hit by flu bug & gave me 1 day mc to rest at home.
Beside sleeping most of the time, I watched Princess Lulu/루루공주 which I borrowed from sister Ann.
The story:
Go Hee Soo (Kim Jung Eun) is born with a silver spoon since birth, she has always been sheltered by her grand father (President of the largest corporation in Korea).
Kang Woo Jin (
Jung Joon Ho) is a playboy who had just returned from the United Kingdom. They met in the weirdest situation and ended up with a relatively bad start. Hee Soo ended up causing Woo Jin to lose a large contract deal, which resulted in her having to be at Woo-Jin's beck and call until she repays him. At this point, Woo Jin does not know Hee Soo's real identity. Slowly Woo Jin helps Hee Soo to see the real world outside the world that her grandfather has created for her.
Later, Woo Jin and Hee Soo parted on a bad note but they met again via

Kim Chan Ho (
Kim Heung Soo) and Hee Soo's identity is revealed.
Chan Ho grew up with Hee Soo and thus was treated as a younger brother by her.
Yet Chan Ho has feelings for Hee Soo that are more than a sister.

The story revolves mostly around the relationship between Hee Soo and Woo Jin , and how they are trying to be together despite the objections from both families.

Quite a typical Kdrama so don't find this drama really that fantastic but the lead actress
Kim Jung Eun never repeat her clothes in this show coz she is a princess.



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