Friday, March 30, 2007


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Lovers 연인 is another korean drama, I really like after 'Princess Hours'.
Fell in love with the gangster's character played by
Lee Seo Jin.
There's a saying: 男人不坏,女人不爱。;) I love *naboom nanja*.
Was totally smitten by his performance in Lovers & he reminded me of
Oda Yuji. (a Japanese actor who I really like.)
Another reason I watched this, is because they went all the way to Hainan island to film some of the scene. The hotel, Sherton Sanya that was flimed in this drama happened to be the same hotel that I stayed in last year when I was there on holiday.

OMG!!! Hainan island is really a beautiful place...
Once this drama is out on the store here, I will definitely grab a copy & re-watch the whole drama again. ;)
Don't know why, I have this bad habit of buying the dramas that I had already watched.
But this bad habit is only for dramas or movies that I really like.
Synopsis: An orphan child, Ha Kang Jae (Lee Seo Jin), is brought into a very rich home at the age of 16 by a man that is the head of a notorious gang. Ha Kang Jae lives and learns to live as one of the gang members & Yoon Mi Joo (Kim Jung Eun) is a very bright plastic surgeon.
Ha Kang Jae and Yoon Mi Joo come from two different worlds but they just happened to meet one day & fell in love with each other.

*naboom nanja* means bad guy in Korean.



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