Sunday, March 18, 2007

Seducing Mr Perfect

Spellcasted by ♣Ashes♣ at 5:09 PM
Managed to catch Seducing, Mr Perfect (Mr 로빈꼬시기)over the weekend.OMG!!! Daniel Henney is one handsome & charming hunk who melted my heart. ;) I think most ladies who know this guy will agree with me. kekekeke. Although Daniel is a charming hunk & actually melted my heart awhile ago but donch worry coz Rain will still be my final choice. ;)A Korean romantic comedy, Seducing Mr. Perfect boasts a positively electric pairing. Sexy singer-actress, Uhm Jung Hwa teams up for the first time with Korean American heartthrob, Daniel Henney. Daniel turns on the charm for his silver screen debut, while the talented Uhm Jung Hwa perfectly captures both the subtle allure and romantic headaches of the mature modern woman.Competent in work but clueless in love, Min Joon (Uhm Jung Hwa) throws herself wholeheartedly into every relationship, but always comes up empty-handed. After getting dumped yet again, this time on her birthday, she enlists the advice of her newly arrived boss Robin (Daniel Henney), a slick and handsome womanizer. He teaches her how she should really treat men to keep them interested - don't call, hang up first, let him pay, play hard to get. Robin presents her with the ultimate challenge: try to seduce him.

My Rating : 8/10


shaniella on March 29, 2007 7:28 AM said...

Daniel Henney darn handsome... How can the word create such a man? And if so, how come i never seen such person on the street b4? haiz...

♣Ashes♣ on March 29, 2007 11:03 PM said...

I think is quite diff to meet this kind of handsome guy here lor. Haahaa.. But if you see such a person walking on the street dun forget to take a pix of him & sent to me leh. ;)


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