Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lee Joon-ki in historical drama Iljimae

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I am so looking forward to catch Iljimae (一枝梅) by Lee Jun Ki which is airing on 21 May 2008, SBS.
I hope some kind soul will upload to so that I can catch this kdrama soon. Heehee...

Recently, Jun-Ki revealed his military enlistment plan. He is enlisting himself for the army next year.
In an interview during the photoshoot of his drama "Iljimae", he was asked when was he enlisting for the army, he said, "I have many work this year so it’s not possible. The plan now is to enlist next year." He added, "I don’t have a concrete plan now but I feel that since I have to go eventually and rather than delaying it, I might as well quickly go and then make a return."

If Jun-Ki (born in 1982) enlists himself in the army at the age of 27, it’s kind of late compared to commonfolk. But it’s earlier than most Korean stars who only enlists themselves when they are near 30 years old. When asked if "Iljimae" would be his last work before enlistment, he said, "I will continue working before my enlistment, thus Iljimae is unlikely to be my last. But I will not delay my enlistment plan just because of work definitely."

Hmmmm... ... ...
When I read this news, I can't help but wondered when will be Rain's turn to be enlisted into the army as Jun-ki is of the same age as Rain.
I know I will get 'kill' by a lot of Rain's fans to have such thoughts but somehow I agreed with what Jun-Ki said on eventually he has to serve army (which is a must in Korea & also in SG) & rather than delaying it, why not complete the 2 years army services quickly & make a return. So, I feel Rain should get enlisted early & return early. ;)



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