Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sky of love

Spellcasted by ♣Ashes♣ at 11:30 PM

Watched 戀空 (Koizora) on the plane when I was on my way to Japan. Not forgetting to mention this I cried so badly on the plane almost to the ending of the movie when the actor die. ;)

Based on a true story, the movie tells the tale of first love in high school and the heartaches and troubles they encounter along the way. Koizora is a story about a sweet-naive girl named Maki (Aragaki Yui 新垣結衣) and a silver-haired semi-trouble maker boy named Hiro (Miura Haruma 三浦春馬).
Koizora is a nice & heart warming movie & I loved the storyline. Especially, Miura Haruma did an amazing job in this movie, making it difficult to not fall in love with him as he battled love and hardships with Aragaki Yui. Heehee...

My Rating : 9/10
Should you watch this? Definitely a Yes!



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